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Welcome to the Winchcombe Info photo gallery. Click on a picture to view it full size. All photos on this page are copyright to Chris Etchells at Winchcombe Info unless stated otherwise. If you'd like to use any of the photos or if you'd like to contribute (copyright remains with the contributor) please contact me

Cotswold farm, April 06
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St Peter's, Feb 06

Panoramic photo from Cleeve Hill
May 06

Over Alderton, Feb 06

Sudeley Castle, Feb 06

Rushley Lane, Feb 06

Dumbleton Hill, Feb 06

Hailes, Oct 05

Tree canopy, Nov 05

Sudeley, Nov 05

Sudeley, Nov 05

Kids & ice 2005

Cleeve Hill 2005

Salt Way 2005

Above Winchcombe 2005

view from St Peters

Cleeve Hill 2005

Sudeley Drive

Sudeley tree


Gloucester Steet
market1.JPG (284677 bytes)
Farmers' Market
Gloucester Street.jpg (177421 bytes)
Gloucester Street 2
glos3.JPG (113054 bytes)
Tony Bates 2003
langley.JPG (128273 bytes)
Tony Bates 2003
station.JPG (132172 bytes)
Tony Bates 2003
langley2.JPG (101306 bytes)
Tony Bates 2003
jesus.JPG (62359 bytes)
Old School House
plaque.JPG (88915 bytes)
Old School House
detail.JPG (187766 bytes)
saltway.jpg (86852 bytes)
Road above Winchcombe
Westonbirt.JPG (112760 bytes)
Westonbirt Arboretum
Nick_cubs.JPG (97216 bytes)
Cubs farm visit
dom_lambs.JPG (118689 bytes)
Cubs farm visit
brownies.JPG (84718 bytes)
Brownies, Remembrance Day Parade
Vineyard Street.JPG (34468 bytes)
Vineyard Street, 
Winter 2000
parade1.JPG (103643 bytes)
Remembrance Day Parade
parade2.JPG (120256 bytes)
Remembrance Day Parade
dom_bud.JPG (68564 bytes)
Batsford Arboretum
market1.JPG (91074 bytes)
1st Farmers Market
present.JPG (99597 bytes)
Presentation to leaving 
cub leader
quad.JPG (96634 bytes)
Cub farm visit
oli_calf.JPG (67004 bytes)
Batsford Arboretum
1craft.JPG (52001 bytes) Grey border photos:  craft morning at Winchcombe Abbey Primary School, 10 November 2001
3craft.JPG (79487 bytes) 4craft.JPG (101567 bytes)
5craft.JPG (51713 bytes) 6craft.JPG (71582 bytes)
7craft.JPG (65458 bytes) 8craft.JPG (88431 bytes)
9craft.JPG (80620 bytes) 10craft.JPG (99436 bytes)
11craft.JPG (57480 bytes) 2craft.JPG (56763 bytes)